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PRP Injection

for Chronic Lower Back Pain in Los Angeles

Atlas Pain Management’s team of highly skilled and knowledgeable physicians are trained in the latest protocols for administering Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection/s, otherwise known as PRP Injections. If you are suffering from severe chronic lower back pain and other chronic body pains, PRP injection/s may be the right treatment to help alleviate your pain. When traditional methods have failed, PRP Injection is the next step.

PRP Injection is a fraction of the patient’s own blood that contains a high concentration of platelets. Platelets contain a high concentration of various growth factors which promote healing and regeneration in damaged tissue. There are a variety of different growth factors including vascular endothelial growth factors, transferring growth factors, fibroblast growth factor and connective tissue growth factor. These factors are contained within the platelets, which are injected into a patient’s injured body part—joints, tendons, muscles, spine, etc.— in order to assist in healing. PRP has been widely studied since the early 1980s which demonstrates significant healing in areas such as Achilles tendon, muscle tears, shoulder rotator cuff, knee injuries, medial collateral ligament as well as SI joint, facet generated pain, paravertebral muscles and discogenic pain.

The extraction and isolation method are quite simple, namely withdrawing patient’s blood, and then centrifuging and spinning it down to isolate the platelet rich factor portion, which is then injected under image guidance. Patients are instructed to withhold nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for one week prior to the injection and for two weeks following the injection, in order to further enhance the effects of inflammation to cure or alleviate the symptoms the patient is suffering with. There is minimal risk to this procedure, as we are utilizing the patient’s own blood.

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