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Stem Cell Therapy

for Chronic Pain Relief in Los Angeles

Atlas Pain Management provides a diverse assortment of compassionate and innovative care, such as Stem Cell Therapy, for chronic pain relief. Our experienced and skilled physicians are trained in the latest procedures and protocols for treating chronic pain patients. Stem Cell Therapy is an alternative solution to surgery for those who are suffering from conditions, such as knee pains, degenerative disc disease, herniation, chronic back pain, etc. Stem cells are unlike any other cells in the body. They are cells that have the potential to be manipulated in developing into cells that will help repair muscles, blood, bones, tissues, nerves and much more. With four office locations, Atlas Pain Management is conveniently located throughout the Los Angeles county. We serve patients residing in DowneyLong Beach and Whittier.

Stem Cell Therapy has the ability to reduce the pain and inflammation of the damaged regions, as well as to restore and regenerate. Here at Atlas Pain Management, we make our patient the priority. We are a multidisciplinary practice that is comprised of physicians and staff that are experienced, professional, courteous and detail-oriented. We have been involved in the treatment and healing of pain management for over 30 years. Our experience and compassion enable us to understand the needs of our patients. We strive to help give them a greater quality of life. Learn more information in our Patient Education section. For further information about the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy, please contact Atlas Pain Management today!

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